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Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry deals with the correction of tooth defects (fillings, root fillings), but also prevention in the form of sealing and support of oral hygiene. We strive to keep our teeth alive and healthy into old age.

Tooth decay initially only affects the enamel, but can also progress deeper and affect the dentin. If caries penetrates the dental pulp, damage to the tooth root system occurs, requiring endodontic treatment. Tooth decay is first manifested by white decalcified zones, then a dark discoloration of the enamel, followed by “holes” in the tooth. A high stage of tooth decay can lead to the complete loss of a tooth.

Filling materials

  • Amalgam is the oldest filling material (used for more than 100 years). It is an excellent filler for the back teeth. Properly applied amalgam creates a firm seal with a good transition between the seal and the tooth. The disadvantage of amalgam is the low aesthetic effect and the need to drill a large part of the tooth in order to create a conical hole that fixes the amalgam seal in the tooth.
  • Photocomposites are applied in thin layers during application and polymerized by a UV lamp. They require a more gentle preparation of the tooth, only damaged tooth tissue is removed. It does not disturb the healthy tissue of the tooth. Another advantage is that the patient can eat immediately after completion.

  • Glass ionomer cements Their main advantage is good adhesion to the tooth and excellent preventive effect, because they also emit fluorine (fluoride ions), which promotes remineralization. They are applied mainly for deep caries.


Dental pulp is a tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves. It is located inside the tooth and in the root canals. Keeps the tooth alive and sensitive. The dental pulp is most often damaged by tooth decay. If the dental pulp is damaged, it reacts with inflammation and pain. Sometimes it can die painlessly, but this dead tooth can cause inflammation on its own. The task of endodontics is to painlessly remove damaged dental pulp and fill the root canals. Before and during endodontic procedures, the dentist uses several modern devices to diagnose the shape, depth and to clean, treat and fill the root canal.

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