Have you heard of Beewair?

This outpatient air decontamination device is located in our clinic. It is a new technology that breaks down the molecular structure of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It produces completely newly created, clean and healthy air. Thanks to this device, you will feel safe with us, as it will guarantee the immediate destruction of bacteria caused by the Covid-19 virus. The efficiency of the Beewair device is up to 99.99%.

Let’s see how it all works.
Beewairization is the only technology available that is able to make contaminated air clean. It uses the replication of the natural process of mineralization – the transformation of organic molecules into inorganic. It literally breaks down contaminants as part of a kit and uses them as fuel to make completely new air molecules. Oxygen, water, nitrogen and CO2 come out of the device – elements naturally contained in clean air. A huge advantage is that you do not have to empty the rooms as when cleaning with ozone or UVC radiation.
We bought Beewair for a simple reason to protect our patients and employees from viruses and bacteria. It will therefore keep our surgery healthy and safe.

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