Dental laser

Laser has created a unique place in modern dentistry because of his mini-invasive interventions.

Use of lasers is more popular in everyday dental practice for both hard and soft tissue applications.

Soft tissue application:

1. Wound healing 

2. Herpes simplex labialis and aphthous ulcer – low levels of laser energy can provide pain relief and healing. 

3. Disinfection –  disinfection of root canals, periodontal pockets, deep carious lesions, and sites of peri-implantitis.

4. Aesthetic gingival recontouring and crown lengthening 

5. Exposure of partially erupted teeth and wisdom teeth 

6. Removal of hypertrophic tissue, gingivectomy

7. Frenectomies –removal of labial and lingual frenulum without bleeding and suturing.

Hard tissue applications:

1. Teeth hypersensitivity treatment

Miscellaneous applications:

1. Analgesic effect – laser can decrease the post-extraction pain and  pain after other oral surgeries, 

2. Nerve repair and regeneration 

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