Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is one of the most difficult and least predictable treatments in dentistry. During this treatment, various materials, rinsing solutions as well as various types of devices are used, which make our treatment easier for us.

One such device is an apex locator, which can measure the distance of the root instrument from the tip of the root.

During endodontic treatment, the dentist inserts a special root instrument into the root canal and widens and cleans the canal with a rotary motion. An apex locator built into the “drill” tells us during this cleaning how deep the root instrument is in the root canal. It allows us to clean the canals accurately and safely, down to the root tip. This reduces the risk of imperfect cleaning of the canal in its final part, or irritation of the tissues behind the root end, if the instrument is inserted too deeply.

The dentist does not have to look at the monitor of the device, an audible signal warns him exactly how deep it is. He can thus devote himself fully to the treatment.

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